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Steamer Agent and Global Logistics

At Cosmo we understand the urgency of client demands, and always endeavor to solve any problems that may occur during the transportation process. To that end, we have a professional and experienced staff with the expertise required to deal with any type of critical situation that may arise. There is an understanding of service and responsibility that infuses our organization, which cannot be artificially implanted. Each member of our "professional family" has a drive to make COSMO the most professional and well-respected company in this field.

  1. Air Freight Service

 In air cargo transportation, we understand that timeliness and punctuality are essential for clients. At Cosmo, we fulfill our responsibility of transporting your cargo to the desired destinations safely. In order to offer clients the most responsive service possible, our Air Cargo specialists maintain close relationships with all airlines operating in India. Our specialists have many years of experience in the area of air cargo shipments. They are dedicated to using their knowledge to achieve speed, economy, precision and safety.

  2. Sea Freight Service

 We provide project shipping and global forwarding services through a network of national agents.

  3. Custom Clearance - Import/Export

 We can gather many types of intelligence not only in India but also among foreign countries. We provide our clients with fine-tuned service in transportation, warehousing, cargo tracing and etc. We place our experts in trading procedures, international transportation, and custom clearance at company-owned import-export cargo handling facilities in major ports and airports in India.Thus, import-export cargo forwarding is carried out utilizing land, sea and air as well as quick custom clearance work. The distribution related to trading is not only transportation and storage of commodities, but also various processes such as custom clearance, documentation, authority procedures and banking.



  4. Cargo Consolidation Services

 We also facilitate cargo consolidation (By Air/Sea) for our customers which includes the transportation of cargo to the stuffing point, stuffing of cargo in container, custom process of shipping documents, use of Premium Air / Shipping lines and we make sure that the cargo will reach at the respective destination well before the time given by our reputed customer. We follow very carefully all the important shipping instructions given and take care of cargo by warehousing it until the shipment is physically effected.

  5. Destination Handling/ Door to door delivery

 COSMO is represented around the world by a network of authorized professional freight agents are experts in the handling of freight shipments through their local areas. They are familiar with local customs and regulations; they are reliable and can be depended on to provide the highest level of service. Should your shipments require Government clearance or special handling on arrival we will use our communication network to alert our agents to prepare the necessary paper work. Shipments can be picked up by the consignee or we can arrange to have it delivered to the consignees door. Special- Handling Many commodities require special handling procedures, perishables and dangerous goods must be handled rapidly, and with concern for both the products and the safety of the carrier moving the products. COSMO staff is familiar with the requirements for handling all types of perishable or dangerous goods. They will be pleased to share their acknowledge concerning proper packaging and labeling of these commodities.

  6. Cargo Warehousing (Bonded /non-Bonded)

 By taking advantage of Cosmos' warehouse facilities, our partners and clients are able to effectively manage their inventory without being constrained by limited space at their factories or manufacturing sites. This allows our customers to store products until needed or until the full shipment is ready to be dispatched to their international customers. Cosmos' warehouse facilities also enables our international clients to store their valuable commodities until needed by their domestic clients and thereby avoiding the long delays in delivery caused by receipt of order.

  7. Documentation services

 We will provide you with all documentation solutions concerning your shipment. In particular, our input into the documentation process is present from the initial purchase of goods all the way through to delivery of goods. For example, we help with the selection of the appropriate wording/language when suppliers are preparing documents for imported goods. With respect to exported goods, we provide potential exporters with complete documentation solutions, including the completion of all required bank-related documents. Our ability to integrate and coordinate aspects of the transportation process prevents the potential problems that may arise when dealing with various "third-partyā€¯ companies, and allows our clients to focus on their main area of business.